Trinity Uptown (now known as Panther Island) — Fort Worth, Texas


Bennett Benner Partners led the planning, in conjunction with Trinity River Vision Authority, to create "Trinity Uptown™," a bold new plan for waterfront development. The plan revitalizes an 800-acre area north of downtown Fort Worth with a combination of public improvements and private development. Its goal is to provide a vibrant, stimulating environment in which families can live, work, shop, play and learn.

Currently Bennett Benner Partners is working with the City of Fort Worth Planning Department to create the Trinity Uptown Development Standards and Guidelines. This public process has been led by a mayoral-elected Citizens Advisory Committee and Working Group.

In association with Bing Thom Architects.

  • CLIDE Award for Development Excellence — Excellence Award 2007 — North Central Texas Council of Governments Planning
  • Midwest Section, Texas Chapter, American Planning Association; Excellence on the Waterfront Award 2005 — The Waterfront Center