Sulphur, Oklahoma Downtown Master Plan — Sulphur, Oklahoma


Bennett Benner Partners worked with the City of Sulphur, Oklahoma and the Chickasaw Nation to create a Downtown Master Plan that emphasized cohesive growth and focused goals to help guide the future of the city. Sulphur is located in South Central Oklahoma and has a population of roughly 5,000 people.

The city has strong cultural heritage and is home to the 10,000-acre Chickasaw National Recreation Area. The Chickasaw Nation has long been a strong presence in the city and recently began working to improve amenities for Sulphur residents. Our team crafted a master plan that helped organize the priorities of the city and the Chickasaw Nation by identifying strengths and weaknesses that can be improved upon in a five to twenty year time frame.

The plan calls for improved streetscapes that foster pedestrian activity and help liven the historic Sulphur Downtown. A hotel was suggested for visitors to the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, helping drive business and spur economic development through tourism. Design and Development guidelines were also outlined to maintain the character of Sulphur and preserve its strong heritage with the Chickasaw Nation.