Oncor Building Renovation — Fort Worth, Texas


Our renovation of the iconic Oncor Building was undertaken with the main goals of being pedestrian friendly and maintaining the architectural character of the original building.

The first goal was achieved through suspended paver tree grates that allow for more clear space for pedestrians, an elevated sidewalk patio with planter boxes integrated in guardrails, and an added exterior ramp and stairs to allow for new entrances on Main Street, along with additional building lighting, additional canopies at entrances to protect users from weather, and visible yet unobtrusive signage for pedestrian way finding.

The new exterior façade updates the building while still allowing the original design elements to shine through. The existing vertical banding, curved canopies and stainless steel trim is maintained with the new design, and new curtain wall openings allow for flexibility for future tenants. The structure communicates longevity and permanence through the use of cast stone and granite masonry. The renovation captures restaurant/retail space through the reuse of the first floor of the old Fort Worth National Bank building, providing diversity among the more traditional buildings across Seventh Street and creating an outdoor dining space.