#JoyDivineProject — Concept


The #JoyDivineProject is a pro bono master plan and prototype design to create a self-sustaining children’s home outside Nairobi Kenya to transform lives of rescued orphaned children from the slums of the city. Utilizing the surrounding Massai’s traditional village organization, we provided a kit of parts of local low tech building practices and materials that could be built by regional builders and as a life skill educational opportunity for the older children of JoyDivine. All buildings are constructed of 6 basic materials of concrete structural frames, compressed earth blocks, ferro-cement channel ceilings, welded rebar space frame roof structure, corrugated metal roofing and wood shutters and doors. These modular structures are designed with passive cooling techniques as well as rain water harvesting to provide very basic shelter appropriate for its environment. As the home’s population grows, these various building types can be configured as required to accommodate the organization’s needs.