Hotel Dryce — Fort Worth, Texas


3621 Byers Hotel

Frequently asked Questions

3 January 2019


  1. What is the current zoning for the property?  As shown on the city’s zoning map here the property is currently zoned “J” medium industrial.  Here is a link to the city’s description of that zoning type and here is a link to the allowable uses within the existing zoning. Note that the existing zoning permits bars, outdoor music venues and ten stories of height.
  2. What zoning is being proposed and why?  “E” neighborhood commercial zoning is being proposed with a PD (planned development) to allow the hotel use.  The design and development team believe that “E” neighborhood commercial is a more appropriate zoning adjacent to a residential neighborhood than the existing “J” medium industrial zoning and that this change is a benefit to the neighborhood.  Here is a link to the city’s zoning ordinance for “E” zoning as well as a link showing the allowable uses. Note that the proposed zoning limits building heights to 45’, does not allow either single use bars or outdoor music venues.
  3. How many rooms will the hotel have?  The hotel will have 19 guest rooms, which will be a mix of double queen rooms and king rooms. 
  4. Will the project have enough parking to prevent hotel parking in the neighborhood?  The project will have 34 parking spaces which meets the City of Fort Worth’s minimum parking requirements.  The 34 parking space count includes no deduction for guests who may arrive via rideshare services.
  5. Will the hotel have a restaurant?  No, however it will have a guest lounge where registered guests can enjoy a light breakfast and relax.
  6. Will the hotel have a bar?  As with almost all hotels, this hotel will have a small coffee shop/bar off the lobby with an outdoor seating area.  The bar will not exceed 600 square feet and the outdoor seating will also not exceed 600 square feet.  The outdoor seating is 8’ lower than Margaret Street and has a 6’ screen wall above that.  As mentioned above, the existing zoning already allows much larger bars as an allowable use.
  7. How can the neighborhood be assured that the hotel will not become a “party palace?”  The proposed development is a hotel and not a party or event venue.  As with most hotels, management will have policies in place to prevent unwanted guest behavior that would disturb other hotel guests or adjacent neighbors.
  8. Does the hotel have a rooftop bar or event space?  There will be no guest access onto the hotel roof.
  9. How will trash pickup and deliveries be handled?  The trash dumpster will be in the same physical location as it was for the dry ice facility.  Deliveries will be from Byers, but without a restaurant, will be minimal and certainly less than the truck traffic generated by the dry ice company.
  10. Why is the parking lot adjacent to the neighborhood instead of the hotel building?  In the proposed site plan, the hotel building is downhill of the residential to reduce visibility of the neighbor’s backyards from the hotel.  This also helps keep the hotel in the scale of the surrounding neighborhood.  Landscape screening on the west side of the parking lot will buffer automobile lights from the adjacent homes. 
  11. Will the parking be available to the general public?  The parking will be limited to patrons of the hotel and their visitors.
  12. The proposed hotel will directly abut an established single-family neighborhood.  What are the developers doing to minimize the impact of the new project on the neighborhood?  The hotel’s owners and developers live in Arlington Heights and are intent on being good neighbors.  To that end, we have tried to be considerate in the design and also in selecting the hotel as a use for this site.  A hotel is a much less intense use than a restaurant or bar which could be built on the site without a zoning change.  In addition, and perhaps most importantly, the proposed “E” neighborhood commercial base zoning is much less impactful to the neighborhood than the existing “J” medium industrial zoning.