Horse & Mule Barns — Fort Worth, Texas


The two Horse and Mule Barns were designed in 1911 as fireproof structures, replacing earlier barns that had burned.   The new barns featured distinctive red brick bearing walls and concrete-encased wrought iron structural members. Within these buildings, Fort Worth became the country’s largest horse and mule market during the early twentieth century, providing millions of cavalry animals for both world wars.

The ultimate decline of the horse and mule market led to changes in the building’s use and to a dramatic deterioration of the building’s condition. The restoration work includes the repair of significant structural damage, restoration of existing steel windows and decorative soffits and the removal of all non-original elements and structures. Thoughtfully planned alterations include new storefront openings along with new historic listings will allow the buildings to be adaptively reused as retail, restaurants and creative office space, ensuring their viability and survival for future generations.

  • Design Award, 2021 - Texas Society of Architects