Eagle Mountain Park — Fort Worth, Texas


Eagle Mountain Park, a 400-acre property purchased by the Tarrant Regional Water District in 2006, is located on the eastern shore of Eagle Mountain Lake in Tarrant County, about 20 miles northwest of downtown Fort Worth. In addition to the park, Bennett Benner Partners was asked to design the trailheads, trails and overlook areas.

The design goal was to recapture the past by recreating the rustic-style farming environment that was common years ago. Tumbled stone and galvanized metal construction are the dominant features of the project. On-site exhibits of an operating windmill and typical farm structures echo the past and reinforce the preservation of natural and cultural resources. Nature trails with colorful information boards are scattered throughout, giving the park appeal for all ages – for ages to come. 

  • Merit Award 2009 — Fort Worth Chapter of The American Institute of Architects