Downtown Bentonville Strategic Action Plan — Bentonville, Arkansas


The first phase of the downtown revitalization master plan sought to create a connection between a new Moshe Safdie-designed museum and downtown Bentonville, Arkansas. The downtown area is extended to the north with a mix of uses and experiences. Existing botanical gardens are incorporated into the connection and green space/gardens are extended into downtown to reinforce a strong connection. New cultural uses are incorporated into the plan to complement the existing uses and to take advantage of the topography and landscape.

The second phase expanded the planning effort to include all of downtown Bentonville. The plan focused on furthering three specific initiatives, including (1) attracting development of urban lifestyle living within downtown and the surrounding areas, (2) supporting the development of world-class artistic, cultural and educational attractions, and (3) support for the expansion of the Wal-Mart general office and related vendor and support offices.

Beginning with a Downtown Market Analysis that looked into community demographics and psychographics, green space plans, transportation plans and future land-use maps were developed. Additionally, a number of catalyst projects, along with potential gap-funding mechanisms, were identified to jump-start the redevelopment process.