DinoLabs - Fort Worth Museum of Science and History — Fort Worth, Texas


The DinoLabs redesign at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History began on the premise that nothing captures the imagination of a child as much as the world of dinosaurs. The Museum’s creative director envisioned dramatic spaces with dinosaur bones and fossil artifacts presented as sculptural pieces. Significantly, the artifacts are interspersed with engaging technology meant to enhance a child’s understanding and knowledge of the prehistoric world.

Articulated dinosaurs are exhibited as standalone objects and up-lit with shifting hues to accentuate dramatic positions. Individual fossils and specimens are presented highlighting the diverse fossil record of Texas. Hands-on educational exhibits enhance the opportunity for children to interact, touch, explore, color and imagine the exciting prehistoric world within a bold and dramatic setting which underscores the Museum’s continuing mission to provide creative, vibrant exhibits for the interpretation of science and the stories of Texas.