A Custom Residential Design Approach —



We have dedicated an important part of our practice to understanding fine homes. We design only a few each year and no two are the same. The spirit and style of each home reflects the spirit and style of the owners, their home site, and the area where they have chosen to live.  The house and its landscape are an expression of the owner’s vision and personalities.

Most of the homes we design are located on beautiful and special sites, often in distinctive architectural settings.  We work to ensure each responds to the individual natural features, views, microclimates, and established ambiance of the place. Our homes are as much about the location as the trees, grass and plants and we strive with each home to ensure- when complete- your home will feel as if it belongs to the site. 

We approach all our work with a profound respect for the architectural traditions and the vernacular architecture of the region.  At the same time our designs are fundamentally modern and incorporate basic contemporary qualities -  open and airy spaces, abundant natural light, simple and well detailed use of materials.  We work in each design for a sense of elegance and comfort, for a reserved informal living environment, and a close relationship with the out-of-doors.