Alcon at Wilcox Plaza — Fort Worth, Texas


With this project, the team had a limited amount of time to space plan and design for 460 employees in open workstations and private offices, along with conference rooms, teaming rooms, training rooms, IT labs, a large break room, and a meeting and town hall space. The overall goal of the plan was to enable a variety of casual meeting and breakout spaces to give occupants the opportunity to enjoy varied work environments close to their workstations.

Additionally, Alcon wanted to showcase its new brand color spectrum throughout the facility, which our design team implemented in finishes and architectural elements that help visually break up long spans of open workstations across all surfaces: floor, walls and ceilings. We also applied the colors to the lounge furniture throughout the space to continue to create a bright and lively work environment.

To capitalize on the large amount of natural daylight, the design team pulled all enclosed elements to the core of the space with glass fronts to allow maximum access to natural light for all occupants. All programming, design and creation of construction documents for the space was completed on schedule within six weeks, and the project construction was completed on time within four months.